Board Nomination Process

The NAPAMA Board consists of 15 volunteer Directors who are responsible for the overall administration and operation of the organization and serve as ambassadors and proponents of performing arts management and presenting in North America. A Board member’s service is limited to two consecutive three-year terms.

BOard member responsibilities

Board members commit to promoting the growth of NAPAMA by actively recruiting new members and participating in fund-raising activities; encouraging active participation in all NAPAMA programs; chairing committees, leading forums and moderating panels; and determining and evaluating policies as well as ongoing and long-range strategic plans and ensuring their implementation. Board members also commit to advocate and advance by personal example the professional standards set forth in NAPAMA’s Code of Ethical Behavior. Board members represent NAPAMA’s membership and their best interests, they are conduits for the flow of information for grievances, needs, and suggestions of NAPAMA members.

The Board Executive Committee, chosen and approved by the full Board of Directors, proposes direction and a focus for the year. The full Board approves these proposals and the annual budget. The Board also appoints the NAPAMA committees and each Director serves on one or more of them.

Meetings of the full Board of Directors are held via conference call six times each year. In addition, a total of three in-person board meetings are held: in January in NYC during the APAP|NYC conference; in May or June at the NAPAMA Retreat; and once during the major regional conferences in the fall. Directors are also expected to attend membership meetings held during the APAP|NYC conference, the Annual Retreat, and at each of the major fall regional conferences (WAA, AMW, PAE), and any of conferences, such as CINARS or Arts Northwest. Of the conferences they attend, board members are expected to prioritize membership meetings in their conference schedules.

Board selection timeline

OCTOBER: Call for Board Nominations
NOVEMBER: Board Nominations due
DECEMBER: Board Conference Call; Board Slate announced
JANUARY: Meeting at APAP & Adoption of Board Slate; Executive Committee and Board Meetings
FEBRUARY: Executive Committee Conference Call
MARCH: Full Board Conference Call
MAY/JUNE: Board Meeting at Annual Retreat
SEPTEMBER: Board Meeting at one of the Fall Conferences

How the slate for board of directors is selected

One term on the Board of Directors is 3 years, with the possibility of renewal for one additional consecutive terms. Every year, a slate of nominees to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors is proposed by the nominating committee at the Annual Membership Meeting during the APAP|NYC Conference in January. The nominating committee, headed by the Immediate Past President, directs the nomination process and ultimately determines the slate from nominees submitted by NAPAMA members.

The nominating committee takes many factors into consideration during the nomination process to build the slate of nominees.  Individual skill sets, personalities and membership type (agent-manager, producer, presenter, self-represented artist) are considered along with leadership and personal characteristics.  The goal of the committee is to ensure that they build a board willing and able to meet the challenges the organization has taken on while making sure all of NAPAMA members are represented.

How to nominate a candidate for the board of directors

All nominations for Board vacancies must be sent to the Immediate Past President by October of each year. In addition to the name and contact information of the nominee, please send your own contact information and your reasons for the nomination.  Please be sure to speak to the person you are nominating before nominating them to ensure that they are interested, willing, and available to serve on NAPAMA's board!!

If you nominated this person in the past, please do so again and include all information.   And finally, please take this very seriously. As the largest industry association of our kind without any paid employees, it's critical we find and select our best people.

For nominations for the next three-year term, please email our Immediate Past President with your nomination by October 15.