Retreat: Coming to Closure

Tuesday, June 2

After the morning oundtable sessions, we bring things full circle for the all-important closure we all need for a successful event.

Over a working lunch, we will discuss important NAPAMA business as well as what are the takeaways you have This is an important step in attending any professional meetings so you have a game plan for utliziing the many things you have discovered. With the old friendships you have fortified and the new ones you have intiated during the Retreat, you will want to hear the value-added benefits they have gained.

This Retreat was designed following the comments and suggestions you have made over the years as well as a survey members completed this past Spring. Your voice is vital as we move forward serving you and the industry. So, before you leave, we will  want to hear about the Retreat and what your needs are for future meetings.

We will also have some nice giveaways to provide to some lucky winners who will, of course, need to be present to win.