NAPAMA Committees are integral to the creation and execution of NAPAMA’s wide-ranging initiatives and work. The committees are comprised of NAPAMA members who volunteer their time to give back to the organization and the field and are most often chaired by a member of the Board.

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The Advocacy Committee is in alignment with NAPAMA's mission to increase awareness of the critical role that NAPAMA plays in the lives and careers of performing arts  managers, agents, and and rtists and will work to shape public perception or to affect change. The committee will respond to issues which have an impact on the members of NAPAMA, review and recommend policies impacting our membership, develop initiatives and activities to support members, and will address issues of ethics, social justice, and equity as they pertain to the membership of NAPAMA and the communities they serve. The cmmittee will work to advance and uphold the premise that live art should be seen live and sold live and will support in-person contact and networking whenever possible.


The Awards Committee is responsible for administering the NAPAMA Award for Excellence in Presenting the Performing Arts and the Liz Silverstein Award for Agent-Manager of the Year Award.


The By-Laws Committee is responsible for development, maintenance, communication and procedures of NAPAMA By-Laws. (Board members only)

North America Connect - Canada

The North America Connect - Canada Committee is responsible for NAPAMA's initiative to make the organization a truly North American organization by developing Canadian membership and providing opportunities for the greater understanding of each prospective marketplace.

The Caravan Committee is responsible for the development and operation of the Conference Caravan - a shipping and logistics service for member booth contents between and among fall conference locations.


The Communications Committee is responsible for the flow of information between the leadership and membership through the website, Facebook community, email, and more.

The Ethics Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Board convened to deal with complaints by or about NAPAMA members.

The Finance Committee is responsible for the maintenance and operation of NAPAMA financial records, accounts, and financial assets.


The Membership Committee is responsible for fostering the expansion of membership both nationally and internationally, recommending changes to the dues structure and increasing member benefits.

North America Connect - Mexico

The North America Connect - Mexico Committee is responsible for NAPAMA's initiative to make the organization a truly North American organization by developing Mexica membership and providing opportunities for the greater understanding of each prospective marketplace.


The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing the Board slate presented annually at the NAPAMA Membership Meeting at APAP. The Nominating Committee is chaired by the Immediate Past President of NAPAMA.

Performing Arts Connect

The NAPAMA Performing Arts Connect (NPAC) Committee is responsible for the creation, execution, and oversight of NAPAMA's university and community outreach program Performing Arts Connect.

Peer Coaching

The Peer Coaching Committee administers the Peer Coaching Program, which matches up NAPAMA members who volunteer to coach/mentor and share knowledge withe other NAPAMA members looking for specific one-on-one assistance.


The Procedures Committee is responsible for the NAPAMA guidelines, board handbook, and state tax withholding.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for organizing professional development workshops and presentations at regional and national conferences.


The Retreat Director solicits ideas and feeback from the Rereat Logisitics Team and the Retreat PD committees in matters of mechanics, location, contracts,, fees, spponsorships, professional develpment sessions and leaders, and assists in executing the NAPAMA Agents and Managers Retreat.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for board defined strategic initiatives and overall plans; curating and updating the organization's strategic plan as necessary 

Technology and Systems

The technology and systems committee examines the technology, softwares and system that NAPAMA utilizes to increase effeciency of the organization.