Retreat: Dine-Arounds

Monday, June 1

Dine-Arounds are a great way to meet new people while enjoying some exquisite food around the city. There is no specific agendas or topics for the meals, just talk and enjoy. Don't miss out!

All reservations will be made for 7:30 p.m. and restaurants will be asked to accept separate checks. Please meet your host in the lobby of the Hilton St. Charles no later than 7:10 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Two to three weeks before the Retreat, you will receive notification of the restaurants chosen and your hosts so that you can sign up online in advance while seats are available. Sign up sheets will also be available at the Registration table during the Retreat.

If you would like to volunteer to host a Dine-Around or suggest a resturant within a relatively short walk of the Hilton St. Charles, please email your Retreat Director, Hank Knerr.

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