Retreat: Getting Started

Sunday, May 31

This opening day will be filled with activity as we say hello to old friends and begin to forge new relationships with colleagues. Starting with registration at 12:30 p.m. at the Hilton St. Charles, we welcome you all to the 2020 NAPAMA Agents and Managers Retreat.

Welcome and Hot Topic

NAPAMA's new President, Gail Boyd, will welcome you all to New Orleans and set the stage for three days of networking, learning, sharing, and recharging. We will then move into a discussion of Hot Topic/s TBD. Leading up to the Retreat, the NAPAMA Board and Reatreat Committee will consider the current issues facing our industry and determine a topic or topics that need to be addressed. If you have thoughts on what we shoudl discuss, email them at anytime to Hank Knerr, Retreat Director.

Sharing Business Models

Sharing business models is considered by many to be unique in our field—what we like to call "coopetition." In that spirit, we will spend about two hours meeting each other one-on-one, sharing ideas, issues, and solutions. This topic was at the head of the list for what our members requested. With the overriding thread of networking for this retreat, we have set this session up to be a more personal way to get to know your colleagues and how other agents, managers, and self-represented artists handle their business operations. 

We will employ a process similar to speed dating where you will be randomly paired with a colleague for ten minutes. We will then switch several times so that by the end of the afternoon and before our welcome reception, you will have met and discussed your operation with five different colleagues. This process is also designed to give you conversation starters as the Retreat continues. Most likely, you will connect with several attendees from whom you wish to learn more and plan to go out to dinner together, grab some drinks, or meet at breakfast. To help keep converstions moving, we will give you a list a talking points, although talking has rarely been an issue among our group.

Your Hosts will be  Ben Cohen, Cadenza Artists, and Kris Kaminski, ECE Touring

Welcome Reception

Ending the first day of planned activities will be a Weclome Recpetion with beer, wine, soft drinks, and light appetizers. You can take this time to meet discuss the afternoon's issues as well as plan the evening in NOLA. You will be provided numerous options for for eating and other nightlife in the area, including the French Quarter, just three blocks from the Hilton St. Charles. We will also designate a location every evening at 10:30 for those who wish to reconnect and continue conversaitons.