Independent Showcasing


  1. All artists performing in an independent showcase must either purchase exhibit space in the Exhibit Hall/Marketplace OR be represented by an organization that has done so.

  2. All artists performing in an independent showcase must agree to abide by the Independent Showcase Etiquette.

  3. All artists performing in an independent showcase are responsible for travel, lodging, shipping, technical assistance, venue rental, backline, labor, advertising, hospitality and promotional costs and any other costs associated with the showcase. Some producers may include backline and other elements in a showcase slot package offer.

  4. All artists performing in an independent showcase are responsible for submitting the showcase listing and paying the required fee, for inclusion on the conference website and in print material, and for complying with each conference's deadlines (as posted on the conference website).

Venue Selection

A conference may release or rent space for independent showcasing at the conference host hotel OR provide a list of suitable venues in each conference city. Any eligible artists (as defined above) may alternatively find and book their own space in venues (theatres, clubs, churches, cafés, or other sites) near the conference site.

Group Independent Showcases

If you wish to team up with an interested colleague or group of colleagues who will be organizing showcases, the conference will provide a list of organizations/artists interested in organizing or becoming part of a showcase group. You can indicate such interest when you register with the conference.


Independent Showcasing is an effective way to give presenters a glimpse of an artist's work in live performance. Be sure to promote your showcase in advance of the conference, during the conference, and also to follow up post-conference with anyone who indicated an interest in the artist. Avoid abusing email blasts and always provide an unsubscribe link in the body of the message.

Independent Showcasing Etiquette

Performing Artists and Showcase Producers SHOULD:

  1. Schedule their showcases only during specific time blocks as provided by each conference.

  2. Adhere to assigned space(s) as provided by each conference for display of promotional material.

  3. Monitor volume levels during sound/tech checks and performances so as not to interfere with other showcases. Conference officials or other producers may require doors to be closed if sound interferes with another performance.

  4. Limit signage to two positioned near each entrance to showcase room and one in a common area as assigned by each conference for each day/night's showcase program.

  5. Signs should be no larger than 2' x 3' either on easels or standard-sized pull-up signs.

  6. Warm up only in designated warm-up rooms.

  7. Refrain from any door-drop or other promotion in conference hotel.

Audience SHOULD:

  1. Be free to enter and exit showcase at any time.

  2. Keep cell phones and other electronic devices off.

  3. Refrain from talking or making noise during a performance.

  4. Take promotional material only for artists you may have an interest in presenting.

  5. Visit booth of artist/artist representative Exhibit Hall/Marketplace.

Conference Organizers SHOULD:

  1. Work with artists and showcase producers and the conference hotel to ensure best use of the showcasing rooms. Daytime access to showcasing rooms must be available during appropriate and adequate hours for load-in, sound/tech check, etc.

  2. Ensure that, if a showcase room is rented for two or more consecutive nights by the same showcase artist or producer, the room set-up and sound equipment will be maintained for all days of the rental.

  3. Rooms designated for independent showcases at host hotel may not be rented to outside parties for the duration of the conference.

  4. Ensure that "buffer" rooms are provided between all showcase rooms.

  5. Consider the availability of grand pianos within the main conference hotel.

Produced by NAPAMA in collaboration with Midwest Arts Conference, Performing Arts Exchange and Western Arts Alliance.