Member Benefits

No matter what your role is in the performing arts, NAPAMA is here for you. We offer a ramge of member benefits in addition to opportunities to connect with colleagues. Please note that more complete information about our resources may only be available to current members.

NAPAMA WebinaRS for members only

Starting Monday, March. March 30, 2020, NAPAMA has been offering webinars for our members with topics surrounding our shared issues and emotions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting July 8, 2020, NAPAMA initiated our Weekly Wednesday Webinar. These will have a variety of topics including our response to COVID-19 and will continue to be available on our Members Only Facebook page as it develops. Emails are sent to all members with Zoom login information, which is also posted on the Members Only Facebook page.

These webinars are archived on our Webinar Library page, available to all members by logging in. They are also available on our Facebook Members Only Facebook page.

Member Discount Partners


Industry Data

Save up to $600 on a CelebrityAccess Subscription.

CelebrityAccess is a state-of-the-art database containing profiles on over 40,000 performers, including extensive contact information on musicians, comedians, lecturers, agents, managers, record companies, talent buyers, and venues. Information such as artist touring schedules, box office scores, performance fee ranges, responsible agents and managers—direct phone numbers and email addresses, bios, and web site links, industry news, and more—are all available through CelebrityAccess. As a NAPAMA member, the cost for a one-year subscription is $365.

Get Started: Log in to the member area and check Member Discount Partners to start your CelebrityAccess Membership.


Booking Management Platform

Save Up to $450 depending on your plan.

Gigwell is a leading provider of cloud-based booking and tour management software. Founded in 2007 with offices in the U.S. and the E.U., Gigwell has enabled the world's leading booking agencies, management companies, and touring artists to work smarter and streamline the booking process. The platform offers a simple, all-in-one solution to centralize artist assets, manage online calendars, build electronic contracts, and collect online payments- all while providing powerful analytics and financial data.

Additionally, Gigwell’s Tour IQ database provides detailed venue and buyer contact information for over 90,000 venues globally incorporating radius clause and ticket data. The Gigwell Productivity Suite subscription will provide access to both solutions for one price. 

  • An initial savings of up to $450
  • $100 off any Artist Plan (annual plan only)
  • $300 off any Agency Plan (annual or monthly plans)
  • Initial setup fee savings up to $150
  • Available to new and existing subscribers
  • May not be combined with any other discounts provided previously

Get Started: For further discount details, inquiries, and begin your Gigwell plan, log in to the member area and check Member Discount Partners.

Event Freight Logistics

Free Consultating and 5% Discount

Event Freight Logistics (EFL) is a global freight management company specializing in the Events and Entertainment sector.  Their experience, knowledge, and extensive network allows them to provide a high level of service in all modes: trucking, ocean, and air freight. They also offer value-added services to assist with brokerage, warehousing, and Carnet set-up. EFL excels in handling services for small- or large-scale clients, including servicing productions with one or two road cases to global shows requiring multiple tour trucks.

NAPAMA members will receive free consulting and a 5% discount on air, ocean, or trucking costs (maximum $500 per shipment).

Get Started: Log in to the member area and check Member Discount Partners to connect with Event Freight Logistics.

Mentoring and Peer Coaching

Cooperation within our competitiv industry, which we often refer to as "co-opetition," is the way that we all thrive. Within NAPAMA’s membership, we have a wealth of experience and skills. Through Mentoring and Peer Coaching, we are creating ways for our members to share their knowledge and develop their understanding further. More information and how members can request a coach is available now.

Conference Caravan

The Conference Caravan is the easiest, cheapest, hassle-free way to ship your booth materials between fall regional conferences (Arts Midwest, WAA, and PAE). Our partner freight forwarder takes on the cargo responsibility so you don’t have to. The low transport cost is inclusive of pick-up, palletizing, delivery to/from conferences, & storage in between. Established in the early 2010s, the Caravan is a streamlined means of helping our members, most of whom are small businesses, easily and cost effectively transport their booth materials to/from conferences.

Learn more about the conference caravan here.

Facebook Community

As a member of NAPAMA, you will become a member of the private NAPAMA facebook group. This community is a place where members share information (like presenters changing organizations or experiences with vendors), ask questions (like referrals for tax consultants or vehicle rentals), and more. It is a great way to connect with other NAPAMA members and access the collective hive of knowledge and experience found within the membership. Members can request to join here.

Performing Arts Market Report

The NAPAMA 2016-2017 Study of the Touring Performing Arts is a market research project initiated by the volunteer NAPAMA Board of Directors. One of the key tenants of NAPAMA’s vision is to build and share knowledge, and through this research effort, NAPAMA is seeking to share information with the field. Information about trends in the field and touring artistic work specifically can help artists, agent/managers, and presenters with their short and long range planning, understand competition and benchmarks within their niche of the industry, and consider the value of investments like showcasing and conferencing.

The results of the 2016-2017 Study are available through the Study Report for free to NAPAMA members. Learn more about the survey and get your copy of the report here.

Members Only Area

The Member Area of our website, accessible with your user name and password, contains several useful items and information. The Member Partner Discounts are your gateway to savings with CelebrityAccess and Gigwell, available to members only. The Member Directory displays all members including their contact information, business function, website, email address and more. You can also renew your dues from this area, update any profile information through the Member Information Editor, including adding your picture and bio, and view your order history back through December 2019.

The Webinar Library contains all the webinars NAPAMA has conducted since spring 2020, and there is a quick link to a variety of downloads that are hosted on our website. You can also add a prospect if there is a colleague you wish us to contact about membership.

You can access any of these by logging in now.