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Last Update: November 24, 2020.
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Listing Alphabetized by Company Name

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Members A-B

  Ami Minars
  Miguel A. Rodriguez
  Danielle Lefebvre
2/B Management & Productions, LLC  Patricia Rampolla
24 Seven Artist Development Karen Kennedy
2Luck Concepts  Eleanor Oldham
2Luck Concepts  John P Luckacovic
7/24 Talent Marketing Phyllis Rush
A.G.E. Inc.  Chimene Teixeira
AIM: Artists In Motion  Nicole Rochefort
ALC Management Amanda Cooper
ALIA Prod  Alison Loerke
AMAZ Entertainment LLC  Robert Zucker
ARS Nova Arts Management  Sarah Schaffer
Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny  Mickaël Spinnhirny
Agence Résonances  Yaëlle Azoulay
Agence Résonances  Noémie Azoulay
Agence Station Bleue Annick-Patricia Carriere
Alkahest Artists & Attractions* Inc. Elizabeth Bridges
Alma Artist Booking Steve Heath
Ananya Dance Theatre  Gary Peterson
Andersen Arts Group Lori Andersen
Andrew Kwan Artists Management  Susan Durnin
Andrew Kwan Artists Management Inc.  Andrew Kwan
Anothr Breed Desteni Perez
Appalachian State University Laura Kaufman
Appalachian State University Allison West
Artes Latinas Karin Stein
Artpark & Co.  Sonia Kozlova Clark
Association Performing Arts Professionals Mario Garcia Durham
Atomic Music Group Canada  Sarah Chipon
Avenel Arts Center  Anthony Wilkinson
Axis Theatre Company  Daune Campbell
BAM - Beaulieu Artistik Management  Lise Boyer
Bailiwick Booking Agency and Arts Management  Tara Bailey
Bartamina Music LLC Bart Platteau
Baylin Artists Management Marc Baylin
Belsher Arts Management  Brent Belsher
Berklee College of Music Stacy Feng
Bernstein Artists, Inc. Sue Renee Bernstein
BiCoastal Productions  Fran Heller
BiCoastal Productions Ron Gartner
BiCoastal Productions Jack Forman
Blue Flower Arts  Anya Backlund
Bologna Performing Arts Center  Laura Howell
Boulev'Art Marie-Catherine LaPointe
Boulev'Art Artists' Management  Cristine Cimon-Fortier
Brad Simon Organization, Inc. Brad Simon
Brenda Neville  Brittany Couch
Briclyn Entertainment Group, LLC  Anshia B. Crooms

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Members C to E

CWA Management LLC Frank Page
Cadence Arts Network, Inc Rachel Cohen
Caged Bird Productions  Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin
Cal Performances  Robin Pomerance
Caline Artists International  Margot Holmes
Canadian Arts Presenting Association  Sue Urquhart
Canis Major Music LLC  Danielle Devlin
Capitol Theatre Restoration Society  Stephanie Fischer
Carnegie Mellon University Alyssa Wroblewski
Cathy Pruzan Artist Representative Cathy Pruzan
Century Village Theaters  Abby Koffler
Christian Counseling & Resource Consulta  Douglass Petty
Claudia Norman Management Claudia Norman
Clayton Center for the Arts Blake Smith
Columbia Artists Alicia Horwitz
Columbia Artists Tim Fox
Common Ground Arts  Karen Kitchen
Common Ground Arts  Kendra Roberts
Communication-diffusion GInette Ferland  GInette Ferland
Compagnie Flak Adrien Bussy
Consultant Deborah Sommers
Contemporary Arts Center  Laurie Uprichard
Council on Culture & Arts (COCA)  Kathleen Spehar
Crystal Clear Music Inc dba Chip Shelton  Chip Shelton
Cupasoup’ MGMT Stefane Campbell
Cusson Management inc.  Valerie Cusson
Dance Theatre of Harlem  Derrick McBride
Dandelion Artists  Sarah McCarthy
David Belenzon Management, Inc.  David Belenzon
Dean Artists Management  Graham Cozzubbo
Dean College  David Rowell
Deanna Witkowski Jazz  Deanna Witkowski
Devine Roadshow LLC  Kerry Devine
Domoney Artists Management  Kathy Domoney
Don Casino Entertainment Agency Tracey Lavaniegos
Dow Artists  Del Lyren
Downstage Entertainment  Harlan Halper
Downstage Entertainment  Marlina Halper
Downstage Entertainment  Colm O'Toole
Downstage Entertainment  Rob Acosta
Downstage Entertainment  Arlene Jacks
ECE Touring  Toni Cline
ECE Touring  Diana Tan
ECE Touring - a division of EastCoast Entertainment  Kris Kaminski
EPIC Arts Management, LLC Melissa Giattino
EPIC Arts Management, LLC Karen Kissel
EPIC Arts Management, LLC  Ron DeStefano
Ed Keane Associates  Jason Marcil
Egyptian Theatre Alex Nerad
Eighth Blackbird  Matthew Duvall
Ele Parade Creations Emily Yates
Elsie Management Laura Colby
Ent Center for the Arts Aisha Ahmad-Post
Eponymous  Jim Smith
Eponymous Francesca Piscopo
Eye for Talent, Inc. dba Riot Artists  Bill Smith

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Members F to I

FELIX Productions Gillian Reid
Famgroup  Heidi Fleming
Fancifool! with Ananda Bena-Weber  Ananda Bena-Weber
Fascinator Management  Dani Fecko
Fine & Performing Arts Center Thomas Hensel
Four Mortals Productions, Inc.  Crandall Rogers
Frank Salomon Associates, Inc. Barrie Steinberg
Frontera Arts Lynn Fisher
G.L. Berg Entertainment  Kevin Peters
Gail Boyd Artist Management Gail Boyd
Gardner Arts Network Jeannette Gardner
Georgia Players Guild  Jacob Deaton
Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts  Julia Aubrey
Gigwell  Jeremie Habib
Great Lakes Performing Artist Associates  Aileen Rohwer
Green Music Center  Jacob Yarrow
Greystone Creative Group  Dominique Bennett
Groupe JKB  José Bertrand
Grunin Center for the Arts Michelle Youngs
HEDY! The Life&Inventions of Hedy Lamarr  Heather Massie
Harmony Artists Adrienne Ross
Harmony Artists  Jerry Ross
Harmony Artists  Lisa Lewis
Harvard Law School Lowry Yankwich
High Point Theatre David Briggs
Hocus Focus, Inc. Kevin Spencer
Holden & Arts Associates  Spring Karlo
Holden & Arts Associates  Sarah Saltwick
Holden & Arts Associates, Inc.  Stacy Meshbane
IDEA - Ian Davies Entertainment Agency  Ian Davies
IMG Artists  Thia Knowlton
IMG Artists  Sara Barasch
IMN  Jeanna Disney
InPulse Creatives, LLC  Cindy Hwang
Ina Dittke & Associates  Ina Dittke
Independent Pablo Solis
Indie Montreal  Jon Weisz, 8933574
Intl Resource Centre for Performing Artists (IRCPA Ann Summers Dossena


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Members J to M

J Jams Entertainment LLC Michael Scott
J5 Media  Jay Barry
JAM Music Mgmt  Jessica Marsh
JKOBIE MUSIC Jawanza Kobie
Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center  Christopher Heacox
eff Boyer Prductions Lea Boyer
Jodi Beach  Jodi Beach
Jodi Beach  Jim McDowell
Jodi Kaplan / Booking Dance  Jodi Kaplan
John Lambert & Assoc.  John Lambert
Johnston Community College  Ken Mitchell
Johnston Community College  Nikki Murray
Jonathan Wentworth Associates, Ltd. Martha Woods
KCA Group  Kevin Cruz
KM Dance Project  Kesha McKey
KMEntertainment  Kristen Marie Ernst
Kbam! Kevin Bruce Arts Management  Kevin Bruce
Ken Waldman, Nomadic Productions  Ken Waldman
Kids' Entertainment Cheryle Hansen
Kirschner Creative Artists  Owen Kirschner
Knudsen Productions  Craig Knudsen
Kosson Talent Larry Kosson
La danse sur les routes du Québec  Pierre-David Rodrigue
Latitude 45 Arts  Eoin Ó Catháin
Latitude45 Arts promotion, inc  Barbara Scales
Lighthouse Entertainment  Kate Gracey-Stewart
Lights Out Entertainment Management LLC WILLIAM MCCLAM
Lights Out Production Company USA, LLC Eric Wilburn
Lisa Booth Management, Inc. Lisa Booth
Lisa Rock Entertainment/Close to You: T  Lisa Rock
Live Arts and Attractions Lou Spoltore
Live Arts and Attractions Mark Ross
Lotus Arts Management Sophie Myrtil-McCourty
Love Productions Records  Pat Harris
Loyd Artists Susan Lounsbury
Lula Washington Dance Theatre  Erwin Washington
MASSKUS Productions  Stephen Krempasky
MELA Arts Connect Heena Patel
ML Performing Arts Center  Mary Adair Trumbly
MMF Canada  Amie Therrien
MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies  Mister MOJO
MSU Riley Center  Daniel Barnard
Magnum Opus Management  Debbie Peters
Margo Parks Presents  Margo Parks
MariJazz Entertainment LLC  L'Tanya Mari'
Marian Liebowitz Artist Management  Marian Liebowitz
Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management, Inc.  Marilyn Gilbert
McCoy Artists Group  Larry McCoy
Meyer Entertainment Group  Craig A Meyer
Mike Green & Associates  Mike Green
Miller Theatre Advisory Board - Miller Outdoor Theatre  Cissy Segall Davis
Molly's Comedy Cabaret  Molly Wilson
Monsieur Oscar inc. Guillaume Reboux
Mosaic Dance Theater Company  Morgiana Celeste Varricchio
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica  Brian O'Neill
Music Business Nerd  Jessica Monville
Music Marketing Internationall Inc (MMI)  Bruce Morel
Music Worcester  Adrien Finlay
Music of Anna Maria Mendieta  Anna Maria Mendieta
Myriad Artists Trish Galfano

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Members N to Q

N/A Benjamin Cohen
NAMUS Classics Clara Hayashigawa
Nadine Asswad Agency  Nadine Asswad
Nancy Allen Productions LLC  Nancy Allen
Near North Music  Frank Hoorn
Neville Dance Theatre  Brenda R Neville
New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players David Wannen
Night Song Concerts  David Whitnack
ODC Joseph Copley
Odd-o-Ts' Entertainment  Todd Zimmerman
Omphalos Ireri Mugica
Opus 3 Artists Rachel Chesno
Orpheum Theatre Group  Brett Batterson
Oxford Performing Arts Center  John Longshore
PMI-Performance Management International  Manuel Prestamo
Pan African Center for Empowerment  Jade Solomom Curtis
Paradise Shores 4  John Zhang
Pasifika Artists Network  Karen Fischer
Passion Music Group  Michelle Taylor
Paul Taylor Dance Company 
Peace Center  Brian Ridolfo
Pebble Star Artists  Kim The
Pentacle Sandy Garcia
Plaid People Music Management  Sandra Smith
Poetry In Motion  Ann Patrice Carrigan
Porter Music Management  Sarah Porter
Producers, Inc.  Craig Hankenson
Producers, Inc.  Milton Orkin
Productions Ratatouille  Raphael Frechette
Prospero and Associates Joseph Ferlo
Qhawe Communications Noma Sibanda


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Members R to s

Raising Arts  Hank Knerr
Red Shell Management  Edward Schoelwer
Rena Shagan Associates, Inc. Rena Shagan
Rhizome Arts Consulting Kristopher McDowell
Rhizome Arts Consulting Francine Sheffield
Rhythm Club Consultants  Yvette Lavers
Rhythm of the Arts  Leah Keith
Rhythm of the Arts Steven Palacio
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company  Drew Jaussaud
Robin Klinger Entertainment LLC  Robin Klinger
Rockhouse Productions, LLC  Tommy Vee
Roseneath Theatre  Annemieke Wade
Roth Arts  Elizabeth Roth
Russian Duo  Terry Boyarsky
S.E.E.B. Consulting LLC/All Fired Up Anthony Saranchak
SAGE Artists  Gail Schickele
SCRATCH TAKES Ricardo Morejón
SHARP Dance Company Diane Sharp-Nachsin
STO Union  Shauna Kadyschuk
Sciolino Artist Management Marianne Sciolino
Scrap Arts Music  Justine Murdy
Select Entertainment Rob McFee
Shaw Entertainment Group Simon Shaw
Sheldon Artists LLC  R Douglas Sheldon
Showstopper Entertainment Erin Shields
Siegel Artist Management LLC  Tiffany Goodman
Siegel Artist Management, LLC  Jennifer Morris
Siegel Artist Management, LLC  Sue Birch
Siegel Artist Management, LLC  Laurel Canan
Six Dynamix Agency  Ilene Elkaim
Skyline Music Andrea Sabata
Small World Music  Jonathan Campbell
Sons of Serendip  Micah Christian
Steve’s Live Music  Steven Grossman
Stocker Arts Center/LC Community College  Janet Herman Barlow
Style Setters Entertainment & Management Cara Parker
Sultans of String  Chris McKhool
Sursaut Dance Company  Katerine Boisclair
Sylvain Émard Danse  Pascale Joubert
Syncretik Productions LLC  Cristina Vazquez


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Members T to Z +

TAD Management LLC  Terence Davies
TOK Enterprises, corp. Marc DeGiovanni
TRC Jan De vroede
The Actual Dance LLC  Sam Simon
The Bobolink Agency  Robert Missen
The College of New Jersey  Richard Kroth
The Ellis Group Eldred Ellis
The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra  Jeremy Davis
The Magic of Bill Blagg LIVE Bill Blagg
The Palace Theatre (Westmoreland Cultural Trust)  Teresa Baughman
The Roots Agency  Tim Drake
The Roots Agency Luisa Kormann
The Source Management Group  PATRICK WOOD
The Talent House  Rachael Dean
The Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College  Shane Fernando
ThinkTank Music Network  Ken Simms
Théâtre de l'OEil  Véronique Grondines
Town of Apex, NC  Renee Anderson
Town of Clayton  Roy (Scotty) Henley
Ultra Artists  Richard Goldberg
University of Florida Performing Arts Brian Jose
University of Michigan Tyler Berns
Urban Bush Women  Michelle Coe
VK Artist Promotion & Bookings  Veronica Kutt
Val Denn Agency  Val Denn
Vegas Funeral Records Danno O’Shea
Vespertine Works  Kim Gumbel
Vital Theatre Company Inc  Stephen Sunderlin
Walton Arts Center Jennifer Ross
Wild Baboo Productions LLC Joshua Kane
William Clare Entertainment  Kelly DiRoma
William Reinert Associates, Inc William Reinert
Williams Center for the Arts / Lafayette  Hollis Ashby
You Will Love It Live  Genevieve DeMerchant
Young Concert Artists Vicki Margulies
Young Concert Artists Monica Felkel
Young Concert Artists Emily Whildin
goingbarefoot, inc. Stephen Barefoot
la beautiful mess beshou gedamu
theater simple Llysa Holland

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