Peer Coaching

Alone we go faster, together we go farther.

Co-operation within our competitive industry is the way that we all thrive. Within NAPAMA’s membership, we have a wealth of experience and skills. Through the Peer Coaching Program, we are creating ways for our members to share their knowledge and develop their understanding further.

As an extension of the new colleague mentoring sessions at the conferences, through the Peer Coaching Program, members can tap into the resources within our community to find wisdom, and specific skills they are looking for through single session or short-term engagement with a colleague.

Who's Who?

Coach: the colleague that is sharing their knowledge | Player: the colleague looking for assistance

Why Be A Coach?

This is an easy and tangible way to serve the field, all within the constraints of your schedule. Anyone can be a coach, regardless of their age or years in the field, provided you have topic that you feel knowledgeable about.

As a Coach, you give your time to one colleague at time. You choose the topics that you are comfortable speaking to and whether to accept a coaching assignment, based on your current workload and time availability.

Peer Coaching assignments are a small commitment - a single session or short-term engagement. We respect your time and want to provide an easy and straightforward way for you to give back.

Why Be a Player?

We all have questions and things that we are struggling with. Get the knowledge you are looking for faster by requesting a Coach. Through the shared learning, you then have more to offer the field. Our players are of all ages and years of experience within the field, showing that there is no limit to when you stop learning.

If you’re looking for some help with some specific skills or a major career decision, you can sign up with this program and we’ll match you up with a NAPAMA member with a specific expertise* so you can ask them questions, get their insights, and learn the tricks and tips they’ve finessed over time.

Some topics Players have been coached on:
Tour Budgeting, Tour Routing, Curation a Roster, Navigating Conferences, Block Booking, Effective Showcasing, and more!

There is no cost in getting a Coach for a single session or short-term engagement. The number of sessions through Peer Coaching is decided upon mutually by the Coach and Player.


How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up for the Program

Sign up to be a Coach, Player, or both. Note: You can always come back and sign up to be a Player when you have a specific need and/or change your topics of expertise as a Coach.

Step 2: Coach-Player Assignments

If you are requesting a Coach, a member of the Peer Coaching committee will then find you a Coach and connect you to them.

If you are signing up to be a Coach, a member of the Peer Coaching committee will contact you when a Player requests one of your topic of expertise to see if you are available to take the assignment.

Step 3: Connect with your Coach-Player

Once a committee member has assigned your Coach/Player, find a time for a call or meeting. The length of the assignment is mutually decided upon by the Coach and Player.

Step 4: Complete the Assignment

Once you have completed your session(s) with your Coach/Player, let the committee member who made the assignment know of the same. Players - be sure to thank your Coach for their time and do consider paying it forward by signing up to be a Coach, if you haven’t done so already!


The Peer Coaching Program is limited to NAPAMA members. If you need to become a member, click here.

Signing up is easy! Sign in to your membership profile, check the boxes to be a Coach, Player, or both, and fill out the requested info.

*NAPAMA will only act as a matchmaker. As an organization, we can’t vouch for any member’s qualifications as a Coach. We’re trusting that our members know what they’re talking about.