Performing Arts Market Survey

The NAPAMA 2016-2017 Study of the Touring Performing Arts is a market research project initiated by the volunteer NAPAMA Board of Directors. One of the key tenants of NAPAMA’s vision is to build and share knowledge, and through this research effort, NAPAMA is seeking to share information with the field.  Information about trends in the field and touring artistic work specifically can help artists, agent/managers, and presenters with their short and long range planning, understand competition and benchmarks within their niche of the industry,  and consider the value of investments like showcasing and conferencing. 

Areas of research and interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Participation in over 80 genres of Music, Dance, Theatre, and Variety as well as others in interdisciplinary work in the performance season Sept 1, 2016-Aug 21, 2017.

  2. Rates of diversity in programming and on artist rosters

  3. Rates of participation in presenting international artists, representation of international artists, and challenges of the visa process

  4. Industry perception of the ‘commercial’ arts vs. ‘cultural arts’

  5. Routing and block booking information on agents’ top grossing artists, block booking perception in the industry across all tracks, and the challenges to block booking

  6. The value of showcasing

  7. The artist/presenter relationship

  8. Firmographics on all tracks, including gross artist fees booked for agents, gross touring revenue for artist/producers, gross box office sales for presenters, avg ticket price, commissions for agents/managers, average fee acquired, number of paid performance dates, number of touring events for presenters, etc.

  9. Demographics on all participants

  10. Values of performing arts participants, attitudes towards what the industry needs, performing artist backgrounds among agent/manager and presenter professionals in the industry

Conducting the Survey

Dates of Data Intake

November 30, 2016 - March 22, 2017

Survey Team

  • David Wannen, Producer

  • Hank Knerr, Presenter

  • Andrew Delicata, Agent/Manager

  • Warren Hammond, Self-Represented Artist

with assistance from
Vital Clarity Consulting


  • Email Invitations Sent: 5,920

  • Email Invitations Opened: 2,490

  • Total Responses (as of January 2017): 336

  • Complete Responses (as of January 2017): 250

  • Response Rate to Total Invitations: 5.7%

  • Response Rate to Invitations Viewed: 13.9%

  • Completion Rate: 74%