A cooperative voice in a competitive business

Founded in 1979, NAPAMA is the association of North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents, a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to promoting the professionalism of its members and the vitality of the performing arts.

Performing arts managers and agents are the glue that binds the performing arts. They ensure that communities across the nation have access to the very best avant-garde, classical, and modern performing artists in the world. Agents and managers find artists concert halls, theaters, and festivals in which to perform. They arrange regional, national, and international tours for choreographers, composers, dancers, directors, orchestras, theater companies, singers, and youth ensembles. They find artists the stages on which to perform so that audiences can hear, experience, and share in the work. NAPAMA is the service organization that represents the voice of managers and agents.

The identity of NAPAMA is defined by two things: our mission and our members.

Our Mission

NAPAMA, the North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents, promotes the best interests of professionals engaged in the touring of the performing arts through building and sharing knowledge, advocacy, leadership, and innovation.

Committed to the core values of equity, diversity and inclusion, NAPAMA provides members with a platform for networking, communication, information exchange, resource identification, trends in the field, research, and best practices. NAPAMA is deeply dedicated to returning value to its members, respecting the voices of all constituencies in the performing arts.

Our Members

NAPAMA is comprised of agents, managers, booking agencies, self-represented artists, associations, presenters, and consultants across North America.


How do we honor our mission?

NAPAMA serves the performing arts industry in the following ways:

Seeking & Returning Value for Membership

NAPAMA liaises with other organizations to ensure that the concerns and needs of performing arts agents and managers are heard and acted upon. NAPAMA also strives to secure discounts for services and products for its members, and to provide up-to-date information on visas, taxes, legislative action, and more.

Building & Sharing Knowledge

NAPAMA strives to build and share knowledge with our members and the field through programs like Peer Coaching and Performing Arts Connect; activities like the Agents and Managers Retreat and Making Artistic Cents panels; and resources, like the State Withholding Tax Table and Guidelines for Ethical Behavior.

Developing Best Practices & Ethical Standards

Through the input of our membership, NAPAMA actively creates and updates best practices and guidelines for ethics, mentoring, independent showcasing, conference etiquette, and more – with the objective to create a better working environment for all in the industry.


NAPAMA was founded in 1979 at a time when it was a difficult environment to be an artist manager: there was little sharing of information or communication amongst managers, and the profession overall did not have the best image in the field or as a vocation. NAPAMA ultimately became the voice for managers and agents – working with organizations representing the interests of presenters, and facilitating networking and information sharing amongst managers and agents to create a stronger presence and more cooperative industry. While the performing arts industry has changed greatly in the ensuing decades, the need for a collective voice and for cooperation continues to be as important as ever. Learn about the history, highlights, and milestones of the NAPAMA here.