Retreat: Roundtables

Monday, May 17 and Tuesday, May 18

Roundtables will be held on Monday and then repeat on Tuesday. Although the leaders will be the same each day with similar introductions, discussions may be different depending on the participants. Roundtable sessions will not be recorded.

The Altered Landscape of Inclusive Community Outreach

Both community and outreach have been redefined by the pandemic as artists created new works, outlets, and audiences. Outreach became both a challenge and an opportunity to create scalable, inclusive, equitable programming. But do we know who we are reaching out to? In an open discussion, we will ask how have our functions changed and what are viable models going forward. Let’s share lessons and tools that did and didn’t work and talk about what is needed to enhance a future that focuses on community.

More Than Buzz Words: The Value of Sensory Inclusive Work

Autism Friendly, Relaxed Family, and Sensory Friendly are words that have become a part of our industry lexicon for the last several years. But artists, agents, and managers are often confused by their meaning. This can lead to challenges when developing and offering these shows to presenters. This session will explore best practices, proper language, live to virtual delivery systems, and if this is right for you.

Curating Your Roster’s Future

What impact has our industry’s shutdown had on your roster? Are you considering looking at new artists? What difference does curating your roster have on your sales? This session will look at what strategies to consider when it comes to your roster – and what mindful choices you can make to ensure the success and longevity of your business.

On the Road in Canada

Is touring in Canada an important part of your long-term plan? Wondering what it takes to get your show on the road? Curious about how you make connections and interest presenters in your work? Explore the ins and outs of touring in Canada and learn about the different regions, conferences, festivals and block booking. This workshop will not cover visas, permits, or taxes.

Communicating in the Field: Best Practices

Join Artistic Representative, Tiffany Goodman in a discussion focused for newer members of the industry and building relationships between agents and presenters. Tiffany will share best practices, welcoming questions and challenges the group may have in creating and developing connections with peers. 

Microaggressions and the Fallacy of Implicit Bias: Becoming a REDI Ally

One hour is never enough time to cover the very serious topic of Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This roundtable will discuss how to recognize our role in being aware of how our words and actions are perceived, how to correct and manage them, and how to become an ally in the search for a more equitable society.