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Retreat: Things to Know

There are a lot of things you may want to know and that will make your trip to New Orleans as safe, smooth, and rewarding as a fresh beignet. Read on to see about registration, things to pack, how we will work to keep you safe, going green, plans for recommended locations, and more. Elsewhere on these pages and included in our Retreat Pages menu you will see information on the hotel, transportation, schedule, and more. Don't see what you need? Please ask,

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Who Should Attend

The Agents and Managers Retreat welcomes all those involved in the profession of producing and presenting touring performing artists, regardless of NAPAMA membership status. This would include any staff members or others associated with the field as well as students looking towards a career in touring of the performing arts. We will focus on our mission including returning value to its members and respecting the voices of all constituencies in the performing arts and focusing on the agent, manager, and artist side of the industry.

For presenters, the Retreat offers the opportunity to better understand the business from the agent/manager/artist perspecitive. Through listening to and participatng in discussions and presentations geared to those involved in tour production and promotion throughout the Retreat, the presenter and any related personnel, will also benefit from an openess in networking usually not experienced at booking conferences.

For everyone—including vendors, consultants, producers, and others—networking, sharing ideas, and understanding each other's vital roles in the industry remains invaluable.

The Retreat is designated as a "no sales" zone, allowing for the open discussion of issues without the pressure of sales or booking as we work togetther to find solutions to common issues.

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Our Health Is Parmount

We are all concerned about the effects of COVID-19 and its impact on your health,  traveling, and investing in attending a professional gathering. Please know that we are working directly with both the Hilton Hotel and the City of New Orleans convention office—New Orleans & Compnay. We have negotiated a variety of terms that includes the possibility of cancelling or postponing should the numbers and science indicate heightened caution.

The Hilton has an arsenal of measures they put into place soon after the pandemic began and have continued to add measures with a program they call CleanStayMeet. And if the City or State of Louisianna continues to mandate social distancing, the Hilton is ready to accomodate us should we feel comfortable in moving ahead.

Regarding finances, we were able to keep both the early-bird member registration and hotel room rte the same as we planned for 2020—$225 and $139, respectively. And, if we do have to cancel or postpone, registrations will be fully refunded in a timely manner—your investment will be safe.

Following the statistics over a few weeks leading up to the middle of October, numbers for the Parish of Orleans and the state of Louisianna have been very encouraging. The state and city have a 75% and climbing testing rate, which is much higher than most states. The city's positivity rate hovers around 1-2%, which is well below the CDC's caution threshold of 5%. We will, course, continue to follow these numbers, also realizing that it's not only the destaination we need to follow but the wide variety of points of origin and the journey in between those those points.

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The Big Easy: Just For you

We are gathering information from people who know the city and know our group. We are also working with the visitor's bureau—New Orleans & Compnay—and others to pin point restaurants, entertainment, attractions, and landmarks that will be open and will be following any safety measures required. Stay tuned and check back closer to the Retrat. If you have any suggestions, please email your Retreat Director.

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Volunteers Needed

We will be utilizing several volunteers before and during the Retreat. If you can help, let us know. We could use assistance with the following;

  • Blogging about NOLO and the Retreat February through May
  • Retreat Photographer
  • Hosting Planned Excursions (A river boat trip, museum visit, ghost tour, or other ideas)
  • Hosting Planned Activities (morning Yoga, walks, group dance, warm ups, or other ideas)
  • Hosting a Late Night Gathering
  • Hosting a Dine-Around
  • Assist During Registration
  • Reminder Calling February through April
  • General Assistance During Retreat

If you registered and marked your interest in volunteering on your form, we will be in touch. Or you can email Hank Knerr, Retreat Director.

Student Volunteers

Student memberships are complimentary, which then qualitfies you for the Retreat's low member early-bird rate of $225. Read more about this opportunity on our join/renew page (check out category G). Additionally, if you are a college student enrolled in a program with an arts-related emphasis and interested in volunteering before or during the Retreat, you may qualify for a reduced or complimentary registration. For more information, contact the Retreat Director, Hank Knerr, by email or call him at 724-422-5757.

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Going Green

Bring Your Bag and Lanyard: We all probably have a small stash at home of conference memories. So, to keep it green and save us some cash, bring your favorite lanyard along; and we will provide both the name tag to put in it and the Mardi Gras beads to dress it all up. Then, while you are packing, include a conference bag—and maybe one for a a colleague—and we will provide you with a few things to put in it. It will also make for a handy tote as you shop around the city.

Materials Online: We will post everything you need to know on our website so we can cut down on paper as much as possible. So, bring your laptop or mobile device to the sessions and take advantage of the complimentary WiFi at the Hilton St. Charles.

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Card Stock

Another item on your packing list has to be plenty of business cards. As we know, it's a great way to keep your Rolodex (anyone still use one of those?) up to date. And with the right technology on your smartphone, just aim, click, and send it right to your contact list. Plus, you will need one for the bowl that will be used to provide a few surprises over our three days.

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Weather and Wear

The weather in New Orleans in mid-May averages a high around 84-86F/28-30C and low between 68-72F/20-22C. The perfect time to visit NOLA. Although you may be tempted to dress in Mardi Gras style, you will be more comfortable in casual wear, so walking shorts and lighter outfits may be in order. And pack some rain gear just in case as well as maybe a light sweater for the air-conditioned meeting rooms and restaurtants.

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stay alert and aware

Reports are that the area proximal to the hotel is considered safe as is the short walk to the French Quarter, museum area, and the Riverwalk. But like most large cities around the world, people are advised to be completely aware of one's surroundings, keep their possessions secure, and walk in pairs or groups, especially at night.

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Check the Apps

In addition to your standard travel apps such as Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, DoorDash, Maps, and a host of other ones, we will be checking out some New Orleans-specific apps that may help you on your visit for eating, drinking, sightseeing, news, weather, traffic, and the like. Check back closer to the Retreat for some suggestions. If you are familiar with any helpful NOLA apps, email your Retreat Director.

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24-Hour Convenience

A late night snack? A pint of Hagen Daz? A munchie mandate? There are sevral stores withina a 2-5 block walk that may be just what you need. In addition to nearby Walgreen's and CVS, we will provide a Google map before your arrival with all the convenience stores in the area as well as all-night eateries. Room service at the hotel is available but closes early. The hotel wil also have a selection of menus from eateries that deliver late into the night along with GrubHub, DoorDash, and other smartphone wonders. Due to safety measures, some hours and services may change.

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Google Map Coming

We are working on a Google map that will be provided here with all necessary pins for the hotel, transportation, convenience stores, restaurants, lounges, and top tourist picks. That will be available by the end of April.

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